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5 Air duct cleaning tips for home owners

Air ducts have a very important function, which in most cases, is to move fresh air throughout
your home via the cooling or heating system. However, the biggest drawbacks with these air
ducts – especially in windy places like Orange County County – is that they can become littered with
contaminated mold, dust, and mud. This can cause many people to develop health issues like
allergies and it can even cause people to become sick. Though the EPA (Environmental
Protection Agency) does not specifically recommend that people get their air ducts cleaned, it’s
still an important part of keeping the air inside of your home clean and healthy.
If you have noticed that the air inside your home is making people sick then make sure to follow
our five tips to cleaning the air ducts.

Check for mold
Mold will often develop in damp and dark areas where there is an inadequate flow of air. So, if
you see mold inside of your ducts it’s a sure sign that the air you are breathing is unhealthy.
Often times ducts with mold will also blow mold spores through the air which can trigger an
array of allergies. The best places to check for mold is hard surfaces within the duct or within
other areas of the cooling or heating system. If you see that insulation has become moldy, or
moist, the best step is to replace them all together. There is no sense wasting time on repairing

Check for debris and blocks
Dead insects and rodents coupled with construction debris can often end up clogging the air
vents. If the situation is extreme you will notice small particles in the air which has most likely
come from the ducts. The biggest danger of these particles in your home’s air flow is that they
come from decaying matter and for that reason can trigger numerous adverse health issues.

Get an estimate
Mold in ducts can either be cleaned on your own or by a professional. However, before you
decide get a few quotes from professionals, make sure to pay attention to how professionals
provide you with the estimate. If the professional says that there is mold in your ducts, don’t
always take their word for it and insist on getting it analyzed at a laboratory for confirmation.
Only then should you consider a professional.

EPA recommendations
If you are cleaning or replacing moldy insulation, remedying the area needs to be a part of the
solution. If the issues are not fixed you’ll end up encountering more mold spores in the next few

Always hire a professional

Research businesses that offer air duct cleaning, make sure to get references, and read
testimonials. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if customers have
registered complaints. This is the only way to make sure that the person or team of people you
are hiring are really as good as they should be in order to permanently fix the problem with your
air ducts.

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